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A simple introduction

We at Purpose are creating an interactive smart mirror where we focus on health and lifestyle. A mirror that people stand in front of every day reminds them of the reason why they woke up that day, to face their daily challenges with confidence and believe in themselves as they see themselves in the mirror. To help people live up to their goals, find and follow their Purpose in life with a healthy lifestyle.

Our mission is to bring value to your home and life combined with perfect design.

The purpose is to be part of the change the world needs, starting with ourselves. We aim to produce our smart mirrors from 100% recycled materials while keeping the same quality to contribute to the changes of our planet.

With the mirror, we want to add value to your lifestyle and home. Your well-being is the center of our design. Where mental and physical health is important to us because. Working out and wellness from home become more and more relevant than ever. Our mirror is here to guide you on this journey.

Person exercising with the AI smart mirror

Together we can make a change and a difference but it all starts with ourselves.

We must ask and challenge ourselves: are we using and living to our fullest potential? Where can we make a difference and how do we change? How can we use our greatness to help and serve others?

We want people to see themselves differently, start to be self-confident, and see and love their true selves while finding and following their Purpose. Look into the mirror and start your day perfectly.