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Meet our interactive smart mirror!

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– Where we change the world by changing ourselves –

Find out what the mirror can do for you!


Curious what the mirror can do for you?

Do you recognize yourself in one of the following situations:

- You are motivated but lack discipline?
- You are having a difficult time managing your time, balancing career and personal life?
- Having a hard time focusing on your goals?
- You want to quit bad habits and create beter ones?
- You start with a positive habit but quit after two weeks?
- You need help improving your meditation or yoga?
- You want to improve on your physical health and start working out, but you are too lazy, or the gyms are closed during the pandemic?
- You are in the middle of a pandemic?
- You deal with anxiety or depression?
- You deal with a negative self-image?
- You want to start changing your life?
- Or you are simply looking for a futuristic mirror?

Don't worry, our mirror is here for you! Where your well-being is our priority!

Our mirror helps you with:- Finding your balance and planning your life daily!- Getting inspired daily by walking to your mirror!- Developing positive habits by giving you daily reminders- Working out from home Guided meditation or Yoga from home- The mirror also helps you measure your mental and physical health and gives you daily tips for improvement.- The future is simply here and provides you with the basic necessary information you need every day!

How our mirror is made

Purpose also has it's own purpose. We aim to deliver value to you and your home and also to produce the mirror with a low ecological footprint.


We believe in form follows function, but we are all about the aesthetics in your home. Our mirror fits any room perfectly.


Where waste can become beautiful. The glass is made out of 20% recycled glass and we are also partly using recycled aluminum for the frame.

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