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Inspired by the way we view ourselves. We have created the first smart mirror for your home, where your health and lifestyle is our focus.

Personalized for you, with daily reminders, daily schedule, your own health plan. Fitness, meditation and yoga all from home to provide you with your daily well-being. Change begins with ourselves; our mirror is here to help you!

Find your focus and balance your life! Get your full-size room mirror now!

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Our smart mirror is focused on health and lifestyle.
A mirror you will stand in front of everyday to remind you of the reasons you woke up today.
To face your daily challenges with confidence and believing in yourself as you see yourself in the mirror.
The way you see yourself, your health and they way you develop and maintain is our mission. It is about changing the world starting with ourselves.
The mirror and software will be a platform where you can monitor and measure yourselves, mentally, physically and your home/environment with different applications and widgets.
A smart mirror to help you live up to your own goals. Find and follow your Purpose in life with a healthy lifestyle.