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Dutch Design Week with the AI smart mirror

Dutch Design week 2019

Humanized Tech award for the AI smart mirror

Humanized Tech Award 2019



You can synchronize your other smart devices with the mirror and create a more personal experience for yourself.


organizing and view your planning day to day! Starting the day was never easier than starting with your new smart mirror. Take a quick look at your planning, make adjustments, and get started with your day.


You can keep track of your health by viewing and adding additional information and viewing your progress. Keeping the track and measuring of health values: BMI, steps, body fat, water percentage, etc.

Separate profiles

This mirror can be shared within households. Create separate accounts and personalize your interface.

Focusing on wellbeing

Allowing you to focus on your mental health and physical wellbeing with workout and meditation suggestions and guided videos. Sneak peak to our different workout categories: HITT, core, strength, yoga, (guided) meditation, cooling down sessions and pilates, (shadow boxing and dancing in the future)


Your mirror will be updated every 3 months with new features and content to ensure you get the best experience and improve your wellbeing.

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Our Customer Testimonials

Can I take this mirror home directly? Or where can I buy one?

Picture of a person that give a testimonial about AI smart mirror

Nina Aalbers

I love the vision behind the mirror and the way it works is already advanced, can't wait for it to be on the market.

Picture of a person that give a testimonial about AI smart mirror

Esmee Janssen

This is so cool, I always wanted one just like in the movies, I can't believe it is almost here.

Picture of a person that give a testimonial about AI smart mirror

Phillip Groenwegen

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